Whether you are using a hosted or premise-based PBX the ScopGate BOSS ensures that your organizations communication stays active in the event of a PBX or Internet failure.


With technology advancements in the telephony sector offering feature rich, decentralized communication using IP based products, we find ourselves more reliant on our LAN and WAN environments where failures can cause complete loss of communication within your organization. ScopServ has identified the need for a product designed to mitigate this risk by keeping your communication survivable with multiple fail-over and fail-back solutions. Designed as a solution infrastructure failure, the ScopGate BOSS (Branch Office Survivability Solution) will improve communication reliability by maintaining connectivity to both local and external points, ensuring that in the event of network or hardware failures your organization remains survivable.

In the event of a PBX failure regardless of a hosted or premise-based solution the ScopGate BOSS will redirect handset registration to a secondary PBX server where possible. Should no secondary PBX be available the ScopGate BOSS will automatically handle local calls on your LAN network and redirect external calls via a fail-over SIP, PSTN or GSM trunk and allow for basic inbound call routing until such time as the services are restored.

  • Simple UI wizard-based configuration
  • Live dashboards with functional reporting
  • Local and external call survivability
  • Local SIP security and fraud detection
  • Codec translation (G711A, G711U, G729)
  • Multiple extension range routing templates
  • LAN and WAN based QoS reports with MOS scoring (coming soon)
  • SMS and Email alerts (Coming soon)
  • 20 User Agents, 5 Concurrent Calls
  • 50 User Agents, 15 Concurrent Calls
  • 100 User agents, 30 Concurrent Calls
  • 150 User Agents, 30 Concurrent Calls
  • 300 User Agents, 60 Concurrent Calls
  • 500 User Agents, 90 Concurrent Calls
  • 1000 User Agents, 120 Concurrent Calls


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